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NAC is on the lookout for "pros" from all walks of life who excel at and are highly passionate about what they do. They should have clout within their respective industries, be go-getters, and carry themselves with dignity.

Our Sponsored Pro deals consist of 3 parts. Sponsorship makes these deals incredibly attractive and can kickstart/boost careers. Our Pros are also expected to be Ambassador for the Brands which they represent and act as the face and voice to the general public. Finally, as trusted Advisors, our Pros will be able to provide their input on how to best grow the game of Poker.

  • Base monthly salary for public appearances

  • Enhanced Revshare Scheme

  • GGSeries Tournament Packages

  • Monthly T$ allowance​

  • Provide input on growing the game of Poker

  • Help design their Brands' products

  • Offer insights on the marketing direction of their Brands

  • Be the face and voice of their Brands

  • Facilitate with major public announcements

  • Represent their Brands at major events

"I'm very excited to be part of the team and to help promote making poker more fun for everyone. I love the fact that the focus is on the players and giving them the best poker experience available."

Bryn Kenney

GGPoker, #1 all-time money list

"Joining Team NAC was an easy choice. We’re both looking forward and are looking to invest in poker’s future. I can’t wait to see what developments the future holds."

Sergey Rybachenko

PokerOK, co-founder of Gipsy Team