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NAC is looking for Poker Streamers poised to make a big splash - if you're interesting, engaging and relatable; in other words, you’re a born entertainer, come hop on board!


We can provide you with the right tools to grow your channel, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that we’re known to have the most lucrative Streamer Rewards in the industry. Those who enjoy the community aspect of streaming will leap at the chance to join our ever-growing Streamer communities - GGStreamTeam, and GGGrinders. In addition, we can even help you transition to the next stage of your career with a Sponsored Pro deal.

Grow Your Channel

  • Streamer Avatar which links to your Channel

  • Customized Home Games/Freerolls

  • Ticket Giveaways

  • Coverage from major media outlets

Streamer Rewards

  • Hours Watched determines your Tier and is evaluated monthly

  • Hours Watched = Poker Hours Streamed x Average Viewers

  • Streamer Rewards: 50/50 split between Cash and T$

  • Standard Revshare Plan: 25%-55%

  • Additional Rewards: GGSeries Packages, exclusive one-off promos

Join our Streamer Communities!

Sponsored Pro Deal

For those veteran streamers that have already built up a giant following, reached the pinnacle of streaming, and are looking to transition into the next phase of their careers, we can help kickstart the process with a Sponsored Pro Deal.

Terms & Conditions‚Äč

  • Tiers, Hours Watched, and Streamer Rewards are evaluated on a month-by-month basis

  • Twitch Hours Watched are based on statistics measured by

  • Only live-streamed Poker Streamer shall count towards Hours Watched

  • Streamers shall not promote other Poker Sites

  • Branded banners provided by NAC shall be posted on 1) Stream and 2) Twitch Panel at all times

  • Any violations of the spirit of the T&Cs shall result in a warning and possible deduction of compensation

  • Repeat violations shall result in disqualification without compensation

  • Streamers suspected of view botting or artificially boosting Hours Watched shall be disqualified without compensation