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NAC is looking for both established and budding vloggers with a loyal following and that know how to stand out from the crowd. We can help you get the most out of and monetize your traffic, with an array of advertising options for you to choose from.


Choose your Standard Revenue Plan and select a plan from the table below.

Youtube Options (3 videos)

Option #1: 10-second pre-roll clip

Option #2: Verbal mention of the brand with brand logo displayed (10 seconds) within the first minute of the video

Option #3: Wearing Brand Merchandise throughout the video with verbal mention

Terms & Conditions

  • Vlogs should not make reference to any other poker sites, unless prior consent is given

  • All live-streamed videos shall be posted after the fact

  • Vloggers will be issued warnings for first violations of the T&Cs and disqualified without compensation for any subsequent violations

  • Vloggers caught artificially inflating their subscribers/followers/etc will automatically be disqualified without compensation